Welcome to the shit show gang. A collection of EVOL in his various forms and guises, all pieces are individual and unique.


D’EVOLs (a collection of EVOL’s) shows the blockchains favourite anti-hero in his many guises and forms.

100 current variations released and collected! View the full collections below!


Unlike other avatar/pfp driven projects D’EVOLs doesnt have an ambitious roadmap. The project is driven by community input and spur of the moment ideas and decisions.

Each D’EVOL holder is essentially a share holder in the project and has a say in the direction for the future of EVOL.

Whilst everything is organic and free flowing there are some big milestones and moments that will get reached during this project.

What is planned for EVOL?

D'EVOLs Collection

The first 2 series of D'EVOLs have dropped and have been an overwhelming success, a third series is on the cards, following a community Vote.

EVOL Couture

Due to popular demand EVOL's mask and merch capsule will be available to purchase. An NFT backed by a physical mask and metaverse wearble.


EVOL will be available as a real life collectable Toy. With manufacturing already underway, expect to see EVOL sooner rather than later.

The Story Of EVOL

Our Anti-Heros Storyline and narrative will begin to be rolled out. A Comic/Graphic Novel, released in chapters with potential to create a short series of animated videos in currently being mapped out.


Degen dealing chic or metaverse mobbing attire, EVOL couture has you covered.

Brose the collection of NFT backed skimasks, metaverse werables and AR Filters!


A Small capsule of EVOL merch is currently being manufactured and will be available Q3 2021. Currently D’EVOLs holders will receive priority purchase ahead of the general release.